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Surface Type
Cloisonne/Hard Fired Enamel
1. Cloisonne/Hard Fired Enamel

Cloisonné is an ancient art developed over thousand years ago in China. Each design is stamped into copper metal, then it is plated into your choice of many lovely finishes. The recessed areas are filled with a hard fired Cloisonné paste and hand-polished. Because of the beautiful hard glass-like finish, Cloisonné is the choice for those who require the very finest look. Silk screen printing may be added to enhance small details.

Epola / Imitation Cloisonné
2. Epola / Imitation Cloisonné

Epola is a similar process to Cloisonné. It uses a brilliant colored resin in the filled areas. This piece is baked to harden and then highly polished. This process reveals small details beautifully and gives a glassy smooth finish to each piece. Silk screen printing may be added. Epola is a fabulous alternative to Cloisonné at a more economical price.

Soft Enamel
3. Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel is an excellent coloring alternative to Cloisonné and Epola. It is frequently used for design with 3D relief.

Brilliant enamel is hand filled into recessed areas and baked to harden. We can match any PMS color with pinpoint accuracy. The finish is available with or without an epoxy dome.  Iron is the most economical material option. It is designed for large volume users because the price is incredible.

No Colors
4. No Colors

For a sophisticated look, this process offers sharp detail, Polished highlights and strong contrast to any designs. This process creates a clean, jewelry like finish. or brushed effect.

Silkscreen Printing
5. Silkscreen Printing

Colors can be printed on color-filled or plated pieces one after another. We also have pad printing machine to print on curve surface. Both methods give the advantage of printing small and fine letters clearly and in different colors.

Offset Printing
6. Offset Printing

Offset printing is the perfect alternative when the enamel filled process is not compatible with the design. It enables us to create exact reproduction of your artwork. The printing is done directly on brass, aluminum, or stainless steel and can be plated with gold or nickel plating as an option. An epoxy dome is applied to insure a durable and glossy finish.

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